Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stand Up!

First, there was Laird...

Then there was Leon...

And now latest entry of Cobb Stand Up...

Mini-Cobb Sam

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sneaker Cobb

I will defer all commentary on the size, conditions, wave count and type of charging to Moustachio Nelsen, as in my enthusiastic state, all measurements and impressions are likely to be exaggerated due to extreme stoke. As we all live and die by Surfline and their ability to predict South swells and shizer out all LA pointbreaks, Chadrico and I were able to plan this session a full 5 days in advance. We had full advanced knowledge of a large 20 second interval SW swell and picked Trestles as the spot for a Sneaker Cobb.

I arrived at his abode promptly at 6:45, as planned, to find him and Sam in an early morning soul hang. We headed down to trestles where Chad showed me components of his PhD thesis, including the laser counter of surfers as well as reviewing the official State Park sign which discourages logging at lowers. We had a nice eye check down the trail, actually, my third official eyecheck of the day...I had spoken to Leon and ARing on the way down. We finally made it to the beach and it was if we had stepped into the Garden of Logging Delight....Aframes as far as the eye could see. Interestingly, I did not see any other people on Logs, but I did see a number of people riding short boards who should have been logging. Needless to say a session of glory followed and we both left the session noodle armed, but still were able to strengthen up on the beach.

I eye in Joe Torre and Rich Harbour, I eye out Kobe.

Bring out the Cot, I'm ready for Y2!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

'Tis the Season

A Yule log is a large log which is burned in the hearth as a part of traditional Yule or Christmas celebrations in some cultures. It can be a part of the Winter Solstice festival or the Twelve Days of Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Twelfth Night.

The expression "Yule log" has also come to refer to log-shaped Christmas cakes, also known as "chocolate logs" or "Bûche de Noël".

In the U.S., the Yule log has also become a modern tradition in the form of a TV screen in one's home showing video of an actual Yule Log burning in a real fireplace.

In California, the Yule log has also become an annual tradition of a few cobbs getting together during the holiday season to log at northern San Diego surf breaks, eye around, magnify, work out, sleep on a cot in a bunker, get a stiff gin and tonic followed by Italian food leading to extreme relaxation and a sense of well being.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

1977 Morey/Doyle 133 B.E.

Just took this vintage 1977 Morey/Doyle LOG out for a spin a T-Street. Definitely an old school craft. It was a joy to ride in the waste high slop.

No string, no rocker, no leash, no wax, no problem!