Thursday, August 25, 2011

Irene Wreaks Havoc on Plans

What was supposed to be a one night visit, turned into a 4 day ordeal as Hurricane Irene formed over Vieques and left the roads of la Isla Nena impassable, the faucets dry and the lights off. By Monday, there wasn't even any ice left to keep the Medallas cold and all flight plans had to be delayed. Now that order is restoring on the islands, we must see where Irene lands next before making a new flight plan. But we will fly before too long.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Quik going to Kill NY's Aloha?

An interesting Op Ed piece from the NY Times...

"Artists, writers and others in trend-conscious fields are plugged in to New York’s surf scene."

Translation - fashionistas have taken to surfing.

"When New York City surfers cross paths, they greet one another, exchange notes...Anyone who has surfed in Santa Cruz or Huntington Beach — chilly, xenophobic “surf cities” — knows how exceptional this urban aloha is."

Translation - my NY surfing fashionista friends are nice to me. Since we don't live by the beach, we clue each other in to where the surf is on LI. When I travel, nobody dials me in to their local spots.

"The corporate siren song threatens to sour the mood of surfing in New York, which for the moment remains a bastion of surf spirit."

Umm, has this guy been to Montauk??? Has he seen the proliferation of coffee table surf books? The Surf Lodge? The battle for the DitchWitch? What about the Quiksilver store in Times Square?

"It’s not hard to imagine New York’s urban aloha going the way of its Polynesian progenitor, but for the moment a genial, just-folks atmosphere reigns."

Translation - shh. Now that we know where to surf, don't tell anybody else that there are waves here. Locals only.

Cobb, no Cobb