Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Friday, March 08, 2013

Maloguas in the snow

It's been a year of breakthroughs for one frigophobic Cobb who conquered his fear of cold water at the Yule and through the use of Patagonia down also dispelled his fear of snow. In what can only be described as epic snow conditions, two Maloguas, a whip and two micro-cobbs dominated Telluride.

Look at the stoke on that cobb despite frozen side burns.

Another upside of alpine cobbing - your beer actually gets colder the longer you drinking it while working out.

The cobbs on a brief foray into the action drinking so Rye-based cocktail in fancy glasses. 

Oh... and as I said, the conditions were epic and evidenced by this shot of the mini-cobb laying down a mean bottom turn.

Uh Oh

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Return of Dr. Stokanstrength

If you haven't heard I'm trying to stage a bit of a comeback, well, don't call it a comeback!  I caught more waves at the Bu' today than I've caught on any one day since the early days of the millennium. For some reason the crowd was very light, the conditions were ricisimo and I had the right log for the job, you'll note in the left hand of the panorama shot. As is often lamented by the Puerto Rican Cobb, the only thing missing from this glorious session were some Maloguas to share it with. Nevertheless, I registered an 8/10 stoke and got to work on my tan to boot.

Air Temp low 50's
Water Temp Mid 50's
Waves 6th rib to SH
Session 1:45
Log: the Wolf

Monday, March 04, 2013


After an epic week in Telluride, this Cobb has enjoyed Swell, Stoke & Strength for 8 consecutive days. 

Here's the math.

4 surf spots, 3 boards, 1 Cobb and a gang of J.

The only thing missing...the other Cobbs.