Sunday, December 20, 2009

Looking Forward

A weeklong Schedule Four Log Alert is being issued for Rincón, Puerto Rico.
Effective immediately.

It's worth noting that I cannot recall ever seeing a forecast as favorable for my type of logging in eight years on the Rock. Let's hope it pans out.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Looking Back

The duckdiver forced a bottom turn in the flat which lead to a foam ride, before this logger re-acquired the face to the disgust of the many lurking surfers eyeing the drop-in.

This Log Alert was captured by Angelo Cordero while shooting from Indi's.

Equipment: Cranberry Stick by Scott Henry
Surf: Head high.
Weather: Sunny & high 80's
Light off-shore breeze.
Water Temp: 82 degrees
Stoke - Schedule 4

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The crotchet speaks

Believe it or not I used to read long novels!

Wave Glider,
This has become a surfboard dumping site which bums me out. I look here about once a week. I am super busy with several projects. I have just been turned loose to get back to shaping after major cervical surgery (nine hours of 2, one anterior and one posterior) in July. I have 3 more balsa/curly redwood boards to finish. I have an art show in February that includes a book. The book has consumed much of my time. More about the book and show when it is appropriate.

Anybody can contact me directly at: I check it several times a day and (unless I'm out of town) usually am able to get back that same day.
Everyone: Please try to get all of your questions into one email. I just don't have the time to keep answering one question at a time, email after email.

Now to Wave Glider's question:
The 2009 Banana has a slight increase in nose rocker, and very softly rounded corners. Nobody that has ridden one has complained about loss of drive. It simply did not happen. Everybody likes the slight nose lift. Easier drop in's, easier paddling with less face splash, and absolutely no loss in nose riding. In fact, several better surfers have noticed the increased stability with the slight nose width.
If you want last year's design with the corners on the tail, simply specify 2008 Banana. It is still in my files.
Rich Harbour

A Poet and he knows it!

As a literature and history concentrator I feel that I can beg the questions, "What about Rossi? What about sharing a strength with a few Cobbs? What about cold KFC bought the night prior and refrigerated?" All and all another fine piece from the Harbour Website Arts and Literature section.

San Onofre

When you start there

Those waves stay with you

All your days

You'll never be as afraid

As you should be

Of something about to break

As sometimes at Sano

It doesn't break

Not outside and not

A hundred yards more

Toward the shore.

Waves elsewhere break

Hard upon the sand

Or the rocks or scrape you

Along the coral

The length of the reef.

A San Onofre wave

Turns a kid into

An optimist

Take one ten feet tall

It'll never roar or send you

Onto the round smooth

Rocks on the seabed

From Dogpatch to The Point.

At Old Man's you can ride

Those combers all day

They'll never kill you

It's just that at low tide

You'll have to walk atop

Those rocks, the most pain

You'll ever have at San Onofre

Named after a saint

Who lived sixty years in the desert

Whose miracles remain mysterious

As the way you move on a wave.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Malibu Makes Another Surfer's Day

I found this piece on the Harbour Website. It reminds of the classic Dick Vine poem "You never call me, You just call me back...and that's slack,"


You'll never catch a wave
If you don't take it
Raise your hand and interrupt
Put yourself in the place
To interrupt, be the guy
Who whistles another off
Instead of being whistled at
By some laird of the lineup
Blowing in from the north.

On the charming point of Malibu
If you are going to make that wave
Don't paddle away from the curl

Turn left into it
Counterintuitive to every beach break
The point break wants you
Not shying away.
Paddle right and you'll paddle
yourself out of the wave
It will never catch you
You'll grow so tired
After all those misses
You'll be dispirited
To be at Malibu
On your longest plank
Not catching any waves

Monday, December 07, 2009


HTS & Rico, complete with matching LS&S garb, commemorate the Laker's 2009 World Championship in between watching them crush Phoenix to extend their winning streak to 9 games.

Followed by a quick stop here...

The deep german/belgian beer & sausage, frite menu combined with serious pressure to make a hasty order nearly undid us but we came through it with great success.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Oregon Soul Log

Take a beat up mid-60's Dewey Webber and a thrashed mid-60s Jacobs that have been deglassed. Insert some redwood and port orford cedar - mixing in a little high density pink foam.

Add a dose of serious creativity and vision a beautifully hand made fin of the same materials, cover with special volan and inlay and you have a pretty incredible Oregon soul log.

The genius behind this reconstruction is Bryan Bates of The planshape is a Cort Gion Signature Model outline, Cort helped with the fin and the rails and some other aspects. From Markus Meade the proud new owner, "I have no idea how Bates "saw" a board from the wreckage that was. His creativity and craftmanship is amazing; it's like magic." He continues, "I intend to ride it; just not often. And yes, it's as heavy as it looks. All I need now is a right hand point break."


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fwd: 10'4" Rapier for sale in Santa Monica $500

This could be a great cover up for Schedule 4 as well as a great opportunity to put some sheckles in the board schlepping karma bag! Obviously the Rapier is moving on but the Leviathan 2 is in Pearson's shaping bay as we speak.

Sent from my iphone

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Francisco F. Garcia" <>
Date: December 3, 2009 9:27:24 AM PST
To: <>
Subject: 10'4" Rapier for sale in Santa Monica $500



Would you ship the board to Portugal?

Naturally I will pay the freight and package.


Kind regards,