Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little known fact Re: Obama's election

Outside of exerting our constitutional rights to vote for the President of the United States (at least those of us that don't live in a Commonwealth), it's a little know fact that a "dream team" of  COBS [sic] were instrumental in helping Barak Obama win his second term as President. You can read more here.

Self-portrait in Robe

In SB loving my vaporizer, listening to classic Grateful Dead ~69', strolling the grounds. Hopefully, a Hammonds session tomorrow. My natural is not in nearly the state of disrepair it appears in this photo.

PS-The Hammonds sessions were excellent as the swell had so much west in it, the word "classic" was being used liberally by people in the line up. A much less serious and soulful crowd then in North County. Meanwhile coming down the coast every single spot we passed was firing.

 This is a shot from late afternoon yesterday in front of the Biltmore.