Sunday, March 29, 2015

Feels like Summer

A nice early long period south swell has blessed the California coast, which combined with mid-60's water temps and high 80's air temp and all day glassy conditions, made for an epic weekend of surfing conditions... and it ain't over. Heading north for Ghana and then Dume to round it out.

Next Gen Cobbs

The next generation of cobbs are taking their surfing to the next level!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear PR Cobb

Dear. PR Cobb,

I don't know who "T.dd Sp..tor MD" is, or for that matter, "who the hell he thinks he is" but I would never charge  for an eyecheck unless you showed up without cold beers. I'll reach out to Dr. Sp..ctor and the California Medical Board and see if I can get him to reverse the charges that his institution levied against you for what is apparently high quality medical care. It does not appear that he treated your back bain, anxiety, lack of sleep, agitation, difficulty concentrating or any of you other chronic and debilitating illnesses. It seems that he merely treated a case of Steptoe. I would recommend a good solid workout, a Pina, then apply some residue from you vaporizer to the affected appendage twice daily.

Titus Stokenstrength MD

A Sign of Things to Come?

It seems like we are entering a new era of Cobbing.  LogAlert is now a forum for LinkedIn?  Spouses are posting on and we are invoicing each other for services?  How much is an eye check worth? DWU!  No Cobbs!  Send it to collections...

PS - Any other outstanding invoices between the Cobbs????
PPS - When a Cobb says, "See you in the hospital!" I don't think this is what is intended.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Early on there were just Cobbs

Like the universe, the Maloguas, in the beginning were just a few Cobbs, hanging around together engaging in different activities. Although not a surf related post, the essence of cobbing is still part of the fiber of this particular event. Every July 4th weekend until about 2000, the ex-college athletes from the Palisades would get together for dunk ball tournament at a grade school in the Pacific Palisades. Needless to say there were a number of ballers who played Division 1 volleyball, football, basketball, and water polo who would turn out. To them the day was just a fun day to guzzle Coors Light from a cold keg, catch up with friends, and play some casual basketball.  No one had ever met Pony before….
This photo is taken before the start of the tournament but certainly after a long night of  raging at Leon’s who had thought better of joining us and had decided to rehab on his deck in Manhattan Beach.  Although we did not make it far in the tournament, we did better than we did at the beer pong tournament in Las Vegas.  On sure fire and brimstone and Pony’s never say die, but come damn close, attitude we did win a number of games and made it to the quarter finals. After each victory, there was a look of complete stoke and unbridled exhaustion on Pony’s face. Between each game, there would be a rabid eye check, a quick guzzle, then a pass out on the black top or small patch of grass, face down with arms at his side and his right leg cocked up.  Needless, to say we left an impression. 

Monday, March 02, 2015

Has Daleet Hacked into LogAlert?

Despite an almost 12 year screening process and her many great qualities,  I want everyone to know that I have not given the first at large bid to LogAlert to Dal. She may death respect the Cobbs and continues to try and appreciate how sweet we are and how incredibly sweet we believe one another to be, I'm not sure she sees LogAlert as fertile marketing ground. It is interesting, however, that her first post came immediately after the Dos Cebas Design piece. I may need some health from the Ministers of IT to address this situation!

A sign of things to come?

I wonder what happens during the "one-month trial" and what the criteria are for acceptance?  Hopefully one of these tech geniuses can figure out a solution to over-crowding, since, clearly, these are not ad guys nor marketing geniuses with the name "Silicon Beach Surfers."  Come on... 

Alternately, I look forward to the luddite reaction...i.e. some good ol' fashioned localism!  

Before that happens, we should hit them up for "spots" for Surfrider.

For tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Beach, surfing is the new golf

There are lots of perks to starting a company in Southern California, whether it's the warm weather, proximity to Hollywood, or reasonable distance from Silicon Valley.

A group of about 300 people working in tech, investing, media, and entertainment in Los Angeles are making the most of one perk in particular: the Pacific Ocean.

Calling themselves the Silicon Beach Surfers, this group of entrepreneurial-minded folk meets several times a month to hang out, network, and shred some waves.

The group ranges from rookies to expert surfers. They're always trying out different beaches, from Point Dume in Malibu to the Trestles near San Diego.

Robert Lambert, founder of tech networking group Silicon Beach LA, started the surfing group with a few friends in 2012.
"In many cities and industries, the business sports are still golf, tennis, and racquetball," Lambert said to Business Insider. "Here in L.A. the sport of choice is surfing, which is apparent when you realize how many of the more active and influential people in the L.A. tech and startup community surf."

Lambert runs the Silicon Beach Surfers operation out of a surf shack in Manhattan Beach, not far from where many of the startups are based. He receives about 10 applications for membership each week and usually accepts three of that group. It costs $50 to apply, and each person has to go through a one-month trial. Once they're approved, membership costs $30 each month.

Beyond how fun it is to do, surfing has become a way for people in the L.A. tech community to make important contacts. Lambert says the group includes employees from Omaze, Crowdfunder, Fullscreen, and Dreamworks, just to name a few.

"Surfing with the group has been really helpful, whether it's for information, advice or contacts," Hans Yang, VP of Operations for on-demand parking service Luxe Valet, said to Business Insider. "The contacts range from new entrepreneurs all the way to established investors ... And regardless of experience, I enjoy surfing with all of them."

Courtesy of Silicon Beach SurfersFrom left to right: Jess Kantor, associate director of marketing at Sundance; Ed Gibson, senior strategist at David & Goliath; Aaron Godfred, video production manager at Omaze; Morris May, founder of Specular Theory; Mike Eidlin, founder of Bookmarq; Gretta Kruesi, sponsored kite boarder and artist; and Robert Lambert, founder of Silicon Beach LA and Silicon Beach Surfers.

Morris May, a special effects expert and founder of virtual reality company Specular Theory, has made several big hires based on contacts he made with the Silicon Beach Surfers. He appointed Ryan Pulliam as Specular Theory's CMO after meeting her surfing.

Being introduced to Jessica Kantor, an associate director of marketing at the Sundance Institute, also ended up being huge for May's business.

"We were just hanging out at the surf house, and I told her I do VR. She said, 'I’m really interested in that,'" May told Business Insider.

Kantor introduced May to Sundance's New Frontier team, who helped coordinate an exhibit of Specular Theory's work at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

"That ended up fueling an enormous amount of press for us," May said.

The Silicon Beach Surfers aren't all about work, though.

"It’s not only business contacts, but people I genuinely enjoy spending time with," May said. "80% of the time it’s just for fun."

For Kantor, who didn't know many people when she moved to Los Angeles from New York two years ago, they've been a welcoming community for both work and play.

"They've become my social group. We'll talk about the waves while we're on the sand," Kantor said. "Then once we're in the water we'll talk about work in between waves. I’ve found everyone to be super warm, and I’m so excited about lots of their projects."